The Synutra Pure Executive Team

Weiguo Zhang, CEO

Weiguo Zhang is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Synutra Pure, Ltd., formerly a dietary ingredients division of Synutra, Inc., where he served as President from 2001 – 2014,overseeing its U.S. operations. In recent years, Mr. Zhang has been instrumental in developing and promoting effective testing methodologies to detect and deter material adulteration in major dietary ingredients. He ran Synutra Ingredients' research laboratory in Rockville, MD in 2013-2014 and led a group of expert scientists of various disciplines to discover and identify a new adulterant in the chondroitin sulfate supply chain. Mr. Zhang has recently published in the Journal of AOAC International as first correspondent author on methodologies to detect and identify certain commonly used adulterants in chondroitin sulfate ingredients. In 2013, he launched the first branded chondroitin ingredients and Synutra became the world's largest chondroitin sulfate supplier in the following year.


Jana Hildreth, Director of Technology and Scientific Affairs

With over 25 years of experience in the field of dietary supplement research, testing, and manufacturing, Jana is recognized by both government and industry as a dietary supplement subject matter expert. Hildreth is currently a member of the USP's Adulteration Expert Panel (ADSDDA) and is the chair of the AOAC working group on chondroitin. Since receiving a BA in Biology in 1987, Jana has worked for both University and hospital research labs, testing labs, and dietary supplement manufacturers, as well as led or been a member of numerous scientific and technical committees and boards. She has been a Consultant in the dietary supplements industry, providing expertise in chemical testing, methodologies, and quality assurance. Jana has co-authored of a number of articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and been involved in research projects in collaboration with academic, governmental, and private sector institutions.

Hildreth's mission is to use her expertise in the science of dietary supplements along with her extensive knowledge surrounding the cGMPs in effort to banish adulteration from the industry with a current focus on the chondroitin supply chain.

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