Know Your Supplements

Choosing dietary supplements can be confusing. You’ve done your research into what supplements you want, but how do you chose a brand? How do you know what products are safe and efective?

Ask your supplement manufacturer two questions:


1How do you guarantee ingredient purity?

2Does the formula have amounts science
says provide optimum benefits?


We believe in transparency. We also believe consumers want accurate information so they make the right decisions for themselves.

Do the Research

What formulation benefits does science validate and in what amounts?


Do scientific studies validate formulation benefits?

Does the product contain the amount specified in scientific studies?

Does the company guarantee pure ingredients?


When you ask the right questions, you’ll choose Synutra Pure. Synutra Pure leads the industry in advancing effective testing methods to keep the material pure, clean and effective.

Because of the way supplements are regulated by the Food & Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission, what a manufacturer can say on the label, their website, in advertising and on social media is limited. We can’t say, for example, that scientific studies show a certain ingredient can relieve symptoms of any disease, or that supplements can treat a condition. The language in the law specifies that supplements cannot be marketed to “cure, prevent, treat or mitigate” any disease. Synutra Pure strictly adheres to those regulations, so what we can say is somewhat limited. We can’t post links to any studies on dietary supplements that treat or prevent diseases.

But we believe that if we explain why we offer the formulas that we do, how we choose the amounts of the ingredients, and how we guarantee the purity of our ingredients, you’ll be comfortable with our brand and trust us to deliver the benefits you deserve.

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