our story

Our Story

From our start as an ingredients division of a company that makes chondroitin, collagen and other materials, we know that consumers get the most benefits from the supplements they take when the ingredients are pure and the amounts in the formula are enough to do the most good.


"One of the reasons that I was really excited to work with Synutra Pure is that they share the passion I have for scientific integrity and going that extra mile to ensure product quality."

-- Dr. James Neal-Kababick, Oregon


The Synutra Pure Mission

Synutra Pure products are designed by the world’s top chondroitin specialists with demonstrated expertise in product purity. We pledge:

1. To provide products made with only the purest ingredients in quantities determined by research to deliver the benefits consumers expect and deserve.

2. To provide information to educate consumers on evaluating dietary supplements for purity and eective amounts of ingredients so they can make informed choices.

As the largest supplier of chondroitin ingredients to the dietary supplements industry, we've seen first hand the wide range in quality and purity going into joint health ingredients. We've worked hard to identify the best testing methods to insure purity, and our recommendations have been published in a peer reviewed journal, and recommended by industry trade associations. No one surpasses our expertise in product quality, because you deserve the purest ingredients.

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