The Science Behind Our Products

How we evaluate the science: you know how one week the headlines say carbs are bad, then the next week a new study says they aren’t? That’s because one individual study is not very helpful, especially since the quality of study designs varies so much. We’ve seen studies on herbs for conditions they have never traditionally been used for or where the wrong part of the plant was used, and yet the headlines say “Herb XYZ doesn’t work.” The body of science, meaning a number of well-designed studies that make sense, gives much more accurate information.

Another factor is that some studies are done on a proprietary ingredient that is not the same as other ingredients derived from the same source because of the process used to make it, so comparing those is like comparing apples and oranges.

We read all of the research and from there we decide what will make a safe and eective product that deserves the Synutra Pure label. You can do the same research, and we think you will arrive at the same conclusions we do. At the end of this page is a list of some good resources you can use for research on clinical studies.

Quantities of ingredients is another important issue that we at Synutra Pure take very seriously, and plays as important a role in ecacy as the purity of an ingredient. There is an industry term, “fairy dusting,” that refers to adding just enough of an ingredient to put it on the label, but not enough to actually provide benefits. Sometimes this is because an ingredient is expensive and they want to keep the price down, sometimes it is because a company wants to limit the number and size of tablets or capsules. Have you ever wondered how companies get enough of all those ingredients in just one daily multivitamin to have real benefits? Amounts matter.

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