Supply Chain

We started as an ingredients division of a company in China that makes chondroitin, calcium and collagen. In 2007, when there was a wide-spread and highly publicized product adulteration scandal, the company made a decision to build a large state-of-the art manufacturing facility and control the products throughout the supply chain, from raw material through delivery of the highest quality, purest ingredients it was possible to make. Within two years, Synutra Ingredients became both the largest supplier of high quality chondroitin in the world, as well as a vocal advocate for the best testing methods for chondroitin purity.

With chondroitin being Synutra Ingredient’s flagship product, we became aware that a lot of the products out in the market weren’t giving consumers the benefits they expected when they bought a chondroitin supplement. There are two reasons for this: price and cost.

When a manufacturer buys ingredients mostly by price, there are questions about the quality and identity that only the most sophisticated and well-staed testing labs can identify. This isn’t a risk with a branded ingredient, which is one of the reasons they are more expensive.

When a finished product is made with ingredients that are costly, sometimes a manufacturer will put a lower amount in the product so they can charge less for it. This is where an educated consumer who wants to make sure they get the full benefit of a supplement has an advantage – a little research can help you determine what amounts of a particular vitamin, mineral or herb will provide the desired benefits. All you have to do is choose a product that contains those amounts and is transparent about how they insure ingredient purity.

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